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Say Goodbye to Acne!

The Luminous Acne Bootcamp

It's time to stop playing around with Acne. I know you've tried just about everything. And it's not easy being let down time after time.


You're tried: 

-antibiotic from the dermatologist ​


-even considered or tried Accutane

And still have yet to reach clear skin!

I know it's hard to believe but Face Reality is different. This system takes everything into consideration when designing a custom treatment plan. From the product regimen we choose for you to the fabric softener you use at home. No detail is over looked and this is why Face Reality has a 90% success rate in clearing acne for over 20 years!

What to Expect

During your 1st consultation we perform an in depth skin analysis to determine your skin type, skin condition, skin sensitivity level and type of acne. We'll go over external factors that aggravate the skin as well as diet choices that can assist in clearing your skin.

During your first appointment we'll perform your acne treatment with extractions and LED light therapy. We then design a home regimen specific to your type and grade of acne.

This is where your commitment comes in:

If you choose to continue with the program and want to see results, we must work together. A treatment at our facility every couple of weeks is not enough to clear your skin. Your home regimen is super important! Therefore, It is required that you only use the recommended Face Reality products while apart of this program. Expect to invest in your initial set of products.

It usually take 3-6 months to clear acne. During this time, you will need to come in every 2 weeks for follow up treatment but we'll go over that more during your 1st consultation :-) 


We do not offer treatments or extractions to clients that do not use our home care products.

Face Reality Acne Bootcamp

3-6 month commitment to clear skin


Acne treatments are designed specifically for you and required every two weeks to make sure your skin is on the right track. Each treatment includes a chemical or enzyme peel, extractions, high frequency and LED light therapy.

Home Care Regimen

Home care is the most important step of this process. You MUST follow the regimen designed for you completely. Trust me, when can tell when you are not consistent.

Diet Change

Depending on acne type and current diet, some small changes maybe needed. Including limiting processed sugar, dairy, seaweed, etc.

Environmental Adjustments

Multiple environmental factors can make acne worse. We will go through everything you're currently exposed to to see what may be aggravating your skin.

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