Microneedling Aftercare

What to Expect After Your Microneedling Appointment

1st 24 Hours:

  • It is normal to feel a sun burned like sensation.

  • Only touch your skin with clean hands

  • Do not cleanse your skin until a minimum of 6 hours has passed

  • If skin feel really dry (normal) apply serum provided at the end of your treatment

Day 2-4

  • Only use gentle cleanser, the provided serums, water based moisturizer, and mineral SPF

  • Continue to AVOID direct sun exposure

Day 5

  • Slowly introduce suggested Vitamin C (Pro Heal by IS Clinical or Alto by Skin Better Science).

  • Continue using gentle cleanser, water based moisturizer, and mineral SPF

Day 7

  • Return to using your prescribed home care regimen

What to Expect:

After your treatment it is totally normal to experience dryness, flaking, and tenderness. Do not pick at or pull away any skin that may shed.

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