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5 Steps to Luminous Skin

Updated: Apr 27, 2020


lu·​mi·​nous | \ ˈlü-mə-nəs

: emitting or reflecting steady glowing light

When I see Luminous Skin, I see skin that’s smooth, hydrated, clear and radiant. It has an underlying GLOW, but not oily or greasy. Here are my tried and true ways to obtain Luminous Skin!

Double Cleanse Nightly:

Well cleansed and prepped skin is the basis of Luminous Skin. Dull skin does not reflect light because it has layers of old, dead skin that has not been properly cleansed and exfoliated. Double cleansing nightly means you use either an oil or milky cleanser 1st (rub that in without using water for at least 30 seconds, then add water to emulsify). Your 2nd cleanse will be you “Treatment” cleanse and should be a cleanser that is moving you towards your skincare goals.

Exfoliate 2-3x's Per Week:

Ma’am, please exfoliate at least 2 times a week! Your skin cells shed daily but as we age our shed cycle slows down drastically… bummer. So you must encourage your skin to shed by using an exfoliant. Now, I’m a chemical exfoliant type of girl, scrubs are often too rough for your skin, especially if you deal with hyperpigmentation.

Drink More Water:

We can tell when you’re dehydrated sis. Hydrated skin has an indescribable radiance from within. Every cell in your body NEEDS water, so if you’re dehydrated there is no way your body can operate to the best if its ability. So drink water, but make it FASHION! Here is one of my fave water bottles.

Avoid the Sun:

The sun is thought to cause 85%-95% of our aging! That’s a crazy high percentage! It not only ages our skin, it also ages our eyes! So I avoid it as much as I can by wearing hats, sunnies, and long sleeves when possible. I also got UV window protectors for my car. “But how do you tan, Morgan?”... I don’t.


It is a must and not something that should be an afterthought. When working towards even-toned skin, sunscreen will be you #1 friend. And that beautiful golden tan is technically your melanocytes letting you know that you are burning and damage is being caused. If you want to be golden, get a spray tan sis! And if you’re worried about “white chast” don’t be. Technology has improved greatly! There are plenty of sunscreens that won’t leave a white tint to your skin. My fave? Peptide-Rich Defense by Cosmedix.

Not so difficult right? We all can have clear, luminous skin but it takes time and commitment. Incorporate the steps above and you’ll be well on your way to Luminous Skin!

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