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How to Prevent Hyperpigmentation

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

So you’ve dealt with hyperpigmentation before and want to keep yourself from experiencing it in the future? No worries, here are some of my tips and tricks on hyperpigmentation prevention...

1. Don’t Pick at your skin! When you pick at your skin, you introduce bacteria from your hands and spread bacteria that was in your pore. The physical picking and introduction of bacteria cause inflammation which can (and more than likely will) cause hyperpigmentation. A good bit of acne hyperpigmentation can be avoided by simply not touching your face. One way to lower inflamed acne is by icing the acne lesions using icicle sticks (of just plain frozen water).

2. Avoid aggressive treatments (especially if you have not properly prepped for them):

I know it can be tempting to walk into a spa and demand the strongest chemical peel or invasion treatment they have. But Sis, this is not the move. Skin, especially skin of color, needs to be prepped. Meaning it needs a good home exfoliating regimen, great hydration levels, and a melanin inhibitor to

tell your melanocytes to calm down and not freak out when the stronger services are introduced. Which brings me to my next point...

3. Use a tyrosinase inhibitor daily- Tyrosinase is the main enzyme needed for melanin production. If you inhibit tyrosinase, you slow the excess production of melanin. Don’t worry, this is not a bleaching process and will not make you lighter… but it will make your skin brighter and more even toned. I have every single one of my clients on this daily tyrosinase inhibitor. Not only is this a great prep for chemical peels but also contributes to a luminous glow!

4. Use Sunscreen daily - skip tanning: Melanin will absolutely darken in the sun. And if you’re already dealing with hyperpigmentation, the sun and heat will absolutely make it worse. Also, with hyperpigmentation we really want to keep the heat in the skin down therefore I recommend a physical sunscreen instead of a chemical sunscreen. A physical sunscreen will reflect UV rays instead of absorbing it as a chemical sunscreen would do.

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